About Harbright

Harbright Ventures is a Raleigh-Durham based private equity firm in which members may passively invest capital or actively participate in the management of portfolio companies.  We look for early stage & mature opportunities where we can leverage the financial, intellectual, and managerial talents of our members to create value.  We seek collaborative relationships with energetic entrepreneurs and outstanding management teams to achieve the best results for shareholders.

Our investment interests include consumer products, healthcare, tech, financial services, and more.

Our Focus

  • We focus on companies with established revenue streams or a clear, relatively short path to monetization
  • We prefer to take a ‘buy and hold’ position in our investments, but consider each portfolio decision independently and exit companies when appropriate
  • We seek an active role in portfolio businesses, but invest capital passively when it’s prudent to do so
    Our investment interests include tech (software and hardware), financial services, consumer products, healthcare, and other areas

Our Approach

Before we invest, we conduct due diligence with member-lead teams who look for:

  • Overall investment fit
  • Outstanding management teams with experience in the space
  • Well defined IP (if applicable) and a path to defend it
  • Areas where Harbright can add value
  • Easy to understand business models and a clear case for why the business will succeed

Our Goals

  • Harbright’s goals include
  • Helping entrepreneurs by providing financing and operational expertise
  • Aiding the professional growth of our members
  • Generating meaningfully positive returns by judiciously investing and harvesting capital
  • Creating a diverse, collaborative, team-oriented environment
  • Opening the door to private equity to a broader audience