For Our Members

Aspects of Harbright our members appreciate:

  • Learning about and becoming involved with exciting, new investment opportunities
  • Participating in valuation and due diligence teams as businesses are vetted for potential investment
  • The camaraderie and experience brought by our members to the group
  • Developing relationships with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Team-oriented environment that appreciated diverse backgrounds and perspectives

Membership types:

Active members

Active members participate in the vetting and management of Harbright’s portfolio companies. ¬†Common stock is available for “Active Members.”

Investing member

Investing members passively invest in Harbright. ¬†Investing members do not take an active role in the vetting or management of portfolio companies. ¬†Investing members hold ‘investing class’ stock, which is financially equally to common stock, but does not confer some voting rights available to common stock holders.

*Both Active and Investing members must be accredited